Vision 2018: Growing with the esports scene


Esports is growing as a scene and as a business. Mobile games are also getting a steadier reputation as serious choices for playing, as big PC names like PUGB and Fortnite join us on mobile platforms. We at Critical Force watch this development with great pleasure and joy.

One last peek to the past

In 2017 we grew from twentysomething employees to over 70 people and our flagship game Critical Ops reached one million daily players. We opened another office in Seoul, South-Korea, and started to develop an Asian version of Critical Ops. Also, our finances show that we have been busy; our revenue grew from 1,0 million euros to 4,8 million, and we intend to keep the trend this year.

2018 — For Esports, for competitive gaming and for the player community!

Esports is not only good business because it’s good business. Competitive aspect and esports is also one thing that keeps the players happy and playing. In 2018 we are doing everything we can to make it even better experience.

From tracking the player’s scores in any individual match to ranked play, we aim to provide our players with a possibility to compete other players in the game. Esports scene is a natural continuum on that field, as it offers the top notch players a stage to compete with their peers and profit from it, and a possibility to follow, learn and participate for the less competitive players.

“Our goal is to create a multi-regional system, with online- and offline-tournaments. Local teams to first fight for the dominance of the region, and then go head to head with the very best teams from around the world”, says Juri Juskevits, The Director Of Community And Esports.

“Critical Force is a very community driven game studio. We improve our games according to the feedback we get from the players”, says our CEO Veli-Pekka Piirainen.

Critical Force will keep up developing “fair-to-play” -games in the future too. “Our games are skill-based. Players cannot buy power or other advantages with money to perform better in the game”, says our CEO Veli-Pekka Piirainen about the guidelines of the game studio.

It requires effort in planning the monetization model of the games to keep them financially profitable, but that’s how we roll!

Launch parties coming up

Critical Ops was soft-launched at the end of 2015 and the official 1.0 launch is coming up finally this year. We are also waiting for the launch of the Asian Version of Critical Ops. We expect these events keep the rising trend of the company’s revenue in the upcoming year on their part!