Critical Force press kit


Critical Force is a Finnish video game company that develops the best online shooter games for mobile devices. The company’s first major title, Critical Ops, is currently in soft launch on iOS and Android.


Founded in 2012 by Veli-Pekka Piirainen and comprising a small team of game development students, Critical Force started building the technology and proof of concept for an online first-person shooter game for mobile devices. This game prototype went by the name of Critical Strike Portable, quickly amassing millions of organic downloads on various mobile platforms. In an effort to double down on the prototype’s breakthrough, the studio shifted its efforts towards a third-person action game by the name of Company of Tanks. This project further solidified the company’s vision of pioneering portable eSports.

In 2014, work began on the studio’s first major game project — a mobile first-person shooter game titled Critical Ops. The new project started as a direct follow-up to the organic success of the original shooter game prototype. Only two years later, Critical Ops has grown into one of the most promising mobile eSports titles. The game is in soft launch on iOS and Android, and boasts nearly 10 million downloads. Meanwhile, the Critical Force studio has become the premier game company in the Kainuu region — and the rapidly expanding team has big plans for the future.

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