Critical Force celebrates the official v. 1.0 release of their flagship game Critical Ops with 50 million downloads!


Critical Ops v. 1.0 available now!

The official v.1.0 beta release began on November 1st. One of the main differences that players will immediately notice are the renamed factions. The faction know as “Terrorists” will be now be referred as “The Breach”, and the faction known as “Counter-Terrorists” will be renamed as “Coalition”. This rebranding will make it much easier to introduce new storytelling elements on the game’s social platforms. In the upcoming months, the developers plan to introduce new mediums in which different kinds of players can meaningfully engage with the world of Critical Ops.

The official full release of the new update will take place around mid-November, and it will be celebrated with a 24 hour stream on the date of the release. The stream will be broadcasted on Twitch: Several game developers and influencers from around the world will join the stream. Some of the revealed influencers include ROOGHZ, PELLYN, and Joker Gaming.

In addition to the update, Season One of the Critical Ops Critical Pass will be available soon. The pre-season for the Critical Pass lasts until 13th November. The Passes enable a new way of collecting cases, skins, knives, and credits. During the pre-season only the Elite Pass is available, but players will also be able to get Free Passes in the future. A Free Pass will be available in the game for free and Elite Passes can be purchased using in-game credits.

Critical Force

Critical Force is a Kajaani based game studio that focuses on competitive multiplayers. The company’s flagship game is the online mobile FPS Critical Ops. It has become a trailblazer in electronic sports played on mobile devices — the game has been downloaded over 49 million times worldwide so far.

In 2016, Critical Force received a 4 million seed investment from Korean game publishing giant NHN Entertainment, and in 2018 they earned $6.3M in funding from Business Finland. Critical Force has offices in both Finland and South Korea. In 2016, the studio received the Finnish Game Developer of the Year award.

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