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Influencer Program: It’s all about player community

Influencers, such as YouTubers or other fan-based content creators play an important part in sharing information and marketing products nowadays. Many companies offering marketing or PR services have also YouTubers and other influencers on their list. But making gaming videos and sharing content is also a community thing.

The games Critical Force has generated have always relied heavily on the player community, and our current flagship game Critical Ops is not an exception. Therefore it is quite natural, that our influencer program came to be what it is now.


2017 in numbers

2017 is behind us and 2018 is well on its way!

Let’s just make a quick look back, to our breakthrough year 2017 and make a little summary of what happened in our company and in our mobile esports scene!


Meeting the players

Working together with the player community has always been important for us at Critical Force. Already in 2012, at the time of our first game Critical Strike Portable, we got a lot of help and feedback in developing the game. Some of our players and members of our community have stuck with our games ever since!


In Esports we trust: Kevin Chou joined Critical Force board

Critical Force attracted a new very important board member in November 2017. Kevin Chou is one of the most influential persons in the esports market. He is the founder and CEO of the Korean Silicon Valley Esports (KSV) organization. KSV has acquired the franchising rights for the Overwatch League’s Seoul metropolitan and put together a championship caliber team building around the former Lunatic Hai roster. KSV’s Heroes of the Storm team recently won the World Championship along with the the $500K first place prize at BlizzCon 2017. KSV’s newly formed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) team is currently ranked #1 in the Korean/Japan servers.