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Company News: Over 45 million downloads and the largest mobile game tour in Europe — Critical Force joins ElisaViihde and OnePlus in eSports

Critical Force, a Finnish company based in Kajaani, joins information technology giant ElisaViihde and mobile device manufacturer OnePlus. During the second half of 2018, they will go together to Finnish eSports arenas with Critical Force’s first person shooter game Critical Ops. Despite the popularity of newer and similar games — such as Epic Games’ Fortnite and Tencent’s PUGB — Critical Ops has retained its favor and the game’s downloads went through the 45 million cap.


Vision 2018: Growing with the esports scene

Esports is growing as a scene and as a business. Mobile games are also getting a steadier reputation as serious choices for playing, as big PC names like PUGB and Fortnite join us on mobile platforms. We at Critical Force watch this development with great pleasure and joy.


Influencer Program: It’s all about player community

Influencers, such as YouTubers or other fan-based content creators play an important part in sharing information and marketing products nowadays. Many companies offering marketing or PR services have also YouTubers and other influencers on their list. But making gaming videos and sharing content is also a community thing.

The games Critical Force has generated have always relied heavily on the player community, and our current flagship game Critical Ops is not an exception. Therefore it is quite natural, that our influencer program came to be what it is now.